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R-pod West Coast Travel Trailers by Forest River RV GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) - is the maximum permissible weight of the unit when fully loaded. A hitch to tow the trailer, propane, fresh water hoses (including adaptors), and a complete trailer operation orientation. All Scamp trailers are built to order with all of the options you want. Scamp trailers are built to order, lightweight and aerodynamic in design.

The Scamp trailers are built to order, lightweight and aerodynamic in design. Betty has a full size bed set up in the back, a larger kitchen with plenty of countertop space, and a large closet that can be used as a bathroom. If you are towing your Scamp a long distance you will want to grease the wheel bearings from time to time.

The connections for the black and grey water tanks are underneath Scamper - black on the left and grey on the right. Convenience: Once parked the Scamp is easy to set up. There are no tent poles or exhaustive leveling systems and the appliances are easy to use.

Standard layout includes a table which converts to a full size bed in the back and a bench with bunk setup in the front portion of the trailer. Popup travel trailers are a great entry level choice for people who want start exploring the RV world. The Lance 825 that I traveled in was really lightweight and small compared to many other options so it didn't impact our fuel mileage too terribly but most full size trucks don't get amazing mileage so this can start to add up.

With today's world of small vehicles and high fuel costs all three sizes of Scamp trailers can easily be towed by small cars, suvs, mini vans, and trucks. Nice clean light weight trailer that has all of the amenities of a large trailer but, can be towed with some of your smaller vehicles.

Scamp trailers come in 13, 16, and 19-foot sizes. Scamp campers are available in 13 foot, 16 foot, and 5th wheel 19 foot configurations. If you're a person who loves back country camping or finding that perfect secluded fishing spot, this Scamp trailer seems like it would fit the bill.

One of the smallest available recreational vehicles, the 13-foot Scamp model is a popular with individuals, couples and small families who want to enjoy the fun of camping without the hassle of towing a large RV. Thanks to a wise use of available space, this tiny travel trailer can sleep as many as four people.

For $2,000, Scamp will switch out the couch that converts into a bunk bed for a bathroom, including read more a toilet and shower. The Happier Camper is all about modern and vintage Ultra-Light Travel Trailers, lifestyle and adventures. As a genuine USA travel trailer manufacturer, not only are Scamps made here, but our suppliers are from the USA as well.

I discussed some issues in my initial review of my lightweight, ultra tow-able 13' Scamp, Standard and hinted at another issue I would be telling you about in the future. I have chatted a few times with zuren on the experiences my wife and I had with our little fiberglass trailer.

This is the perfect trailer for those who are tired of setting up a tent, or just want to get out of the cold when camping. To be clear, I know that the Cr-V and Element can't really tow it safely, but the interior is set up in a way that maximizes space. We'd slept in it in town a couple of nights but with the new axle set up in place, it was time to take it out in the desert for a bit of a test run.

When we were looking to purchase a camper, one thing we did not find was very many pictures, outside of the manufacture's catalog, of the Scamps in a normal camping environment. 12 ft Scamp Camper trailer. Scamp camper 1997 NOn Smoker 1997 Scamp Camper 16feet with rear storage.

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